Saturday, October 4, 2008

What I feel about America and its fall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I personally believe" ooops when ever I try to use these words it just makes me laugh, have you people seen the beauty pageant contest where in an American beauty says that I personally believe US Americans are unable to do so because “samma” people out there don't have maps. God just thinking about it makes me roll over on the floor . If you haven't seen the video, check it out its there in the you tube but before that go thru my views…

 Ok enough of the breezy talks now to some serious talk

 I personally believe America's fall will give a new lease of life to many poverty stricken nations. Americas GDP as on 2007 was $ 13.84 trillion which is the largest among all the nations in the world. To put it simply America is the world's largest consumer in the world, so people might ask me this question, so isn't that a good thing we have some one to whom we can sell our products to ? Before you come to such a conclusion you need to know another truth, America's debt is three times higher than their GDP which makes them the world's biggest borrower and that to my knowledge and to the knowledge of many economist or financial expert is not a good economics.

 America is a highly leveraged country and their policies on their energy security and home land security and their policies on external trading especially with the developing nations and the under developed nations are designed in such a way to maintain that leverage edge. As I said earlier the subsidies that America is giving to its farmers has ruined the African nations whose GDP entirely depends on agriculture, and it is just one example. Americans are spending more than what they are supposed to at the cost of the so called third world nation's and the developing nations.

Let me give you another example on how their economic policies are not good to the rest of the world. Americas food industry is $ 700 billion and their weight and fab(WAF) loss industry is around $ 50 billions dollars. WAF loss industry is in itself 10 times more than the GDP of most African nations, in simple terms an average American is consuming more than what he is supposed to, which otherwise if he dint would have allowed the supply shift to other places where there is a huge demand and possible economic feasibility could have been achieved to meet those demands .

"Everybody has enough for their needs but not for their greed" Their credit policies encourage an average Joe to spend more than what he earns, they have purposefully inflated themselves to make most of the nations if not the entire world depend on them. In simple words Americas fall would make it to deleverage it self in that case the money which has helped America to keep itself inflated will find its way where its needed most to the third world nations and developing nations and this change will help to create real jobs in these nations allowing them to prosper as well.

  Its true that this fall of America from its financial super power status will affect India and most of the countries which has economic ties with it. I get very infuriated when some one says that America is a developed country and everybody should follow its foot steps, America is a developed nation "my foot", America is developed at the cost of the so called third world countries, the subsidies that America is giving to its farmers has ruined the African nations whose GDP entirely depends on agriculture. Their consumeristic attitude has created havoc in the Middle East, innocent people are getting killed and many peoples lives are made miserable for big fat uncle sams oil needs.

 The arms and ammunitions that get made in America is keeping the civil war alive in many African nations. Thanks to America and its media Islam has been tainted in the eyes of people so much that people have started to see every Islamite with suspicion.

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