Saturday, October 11, 2008

My thoughts about communalism.

                                      There might be many definitions about religion and communalism but here is my definition, "Religion is a concept theorized in a way to make it pragmatic and utilitarian, what matters is the concept but people tend to gain their identities out of its pragmatism and get stuck with it and more so many fail to move beyond it to reach the core of it or the heart of it “The concept”, people’s failure in moving forward to the heart of religion is what I call as communalism". And to tell you more there is something fundamentally wrong with our country's policy towards the concept called religion, religion is the boundary within which humanity suffers. 

                                     The word secular attains a different meaning when it is used to define our nation. We call ourselves as a secular nation by doing so we acknowledge the fact that we are different, we have carried the differences along with us through all these years and it has already become 61 odd years, its high time now that we abolish the practice of religion being considered as the primary identity of a citizen of this country. I am Prasanna Kumar and I am an Indian that should be the end of my identity, its not necessary for the government to know the religion that I practice.Well if I say that you are a true Hindu does that make you any better than what you are now as an Indian or if I say you are not a true Hindu does that make any difference at all ?

                                            I think it’s because of this fundamental fallacy that we see arguments happening even between the secularist Hindus, secularist Muslims, and secularists Christians. People who get into such argument's just have command over their will alone but they try to represent their entire community and that’s where the entire thing gets beyond the national interest. when a Muslim tries to prove that “not all the Muslims are like that” what is he trying to prove, that Muslims are generally good but its just a few people who don’t get along or when the Hindus or the Hindustanis when they try to argue that mullahas are pro pakistan what are they trying to prove?, are they trying to prove that they are more Indian just because they are against pakistan or a few indian muslims who show hatred towards our country or Christians for that matter who think Christianity is the only solution for all the chaos that’s happening around the world. If at all these people want to show their patriotism why don’t they show their anger against the root cause of all these chaos "religion". Why don’t they stop looking people through the eyes of religion.  


Teshu said...

You want to wipe out a practice that has been there for 6000 years because you created a country 60 yrs back? Countries come, countries go. Empires come and fall. But the essence of geography will remain.

Prasanna Kumar said...

Teshu Thanks for your comment .........Countries were made by men so is the religions. If all the human beings were asked to compromise on certain things to make this planet a better place to live, I have no doubt‘s that religion might well be one among the things which stands to be compromised on. This little write up of mine was not to advocate my thoughts against the idea of religion but an effort to understand who a religionist is. Religion has never been the essence of a geography as you term it to be but the real essence that has ever been and will ever be is “change”. Nothing stays for ever this is the real essence of anything and everything that we see around us.

Rajkiran Panuganti said...

I've got to this link from a diff. website...

Anyways, I've glanced over ur blog.
I believe what you talked is pure theory and practical is entirely diff.

The diff. between what you say and what you practice is exactly like "islam" which means peace whereas its practice is diff.

Further, secularism can't be imposed on one side.

Majority Indians want secular (non-religious not irreligious) state but when someone makes efforts to disturb the balance, the side practicing secularism cant sit idle hearing to the preaching of secularism.

People who say "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" have never lost an eye.

If sb removes your eye and if u want to sit idle, then be ready to go blind.

R.Sajan said...

'Secular' is the English word. 'Secularism' is a derivative.

Secular is an Adjective meaning "not religious, sacred, or spiritual".

The word has been atrociously mutilated in the Indian context. We need a new Indian word to describe our brand of 'Secularism'.

Rajkiran Panuganti said...

well.. u must refer to Indian constitution as to what it means and not some dictionary.

We are bound by our constitution not dictionary.. For India, secularism doesnt mean atheism or state staying away from religion.

Constitution clearly says, India is a non-religious country and not a irreligious country.