Tuesday, October 14, 2008

American beauty

                           Some movies are made and some movies happen, “American beauty” is one such movie which just happens once in a while but leave’s you agape for the rest of your life. The movie wonderfully captures the superficial nature of human emotions which is put to use, to make life look as dogmatic and congruous as it has seemingly ever been to the taste of the society.  Kevin spacey as the protagonist in the movie wonderfully portrays the frustration that arises in a person who put’s up with too much of superficiality to make everything look normal, whether it be his relationship with his wife or his attitude towards his job, Kevin spacey has pulled out a splendid performance in portraying a man who is fed up of trying to be what others want him to be.


                                Sometimes life seems like it is not what it used to be and we might not be sure of how it ended up that way or what went wrong or what is that we are really missing; there is always a sense of loss lurking in the mind. All along one feel’s like something is missing which has always been a part of ones life and it just takes one spark to make one realize and remember all the things which added more sense to ones life and “American Beauty” captures that wonderful moment in the life of the Lester Burnham. The crush that Lester (Kevin spacey) has on his teenager daughters’ friend makes him to take control over his life again and helps him to tear away the superficiality which made him to live his life like a dead man. Every scene in which Lester is shown dreaming about Angela there are rose petals all over the screen, I would call those scenes stunningly intelligent because the director has tried to capture the mind of a faithful husband who loves his wife Carolyn, and Carolyn loves roses and her rose garden, the director has wonderfully captured the confused mind of a man who saw the beauty of life through a teenagers face but dint realize it up until the last moment when he goes to bed with her, when Angela says this is her first time Lester is completely overtaken by a completely different emotion which reveals him to the reality of what he saw in that girl.


                       The movie amazingly captures the emotions and frustrations that one goes through because of the friction that happens between ones pursuit to be some one else and their real self, through the characters of Angela and Carolyn (Lester’s wife). “American beauty” on the whole is an amazing portrayal of real moments in people’s lives which unwraps them to savor the pure essence of life and its beauty, for Lester it just happened to be the beauty of a teenager, and for Ricky it was a plastic bag dancing to the tunes of a beautiful breeze, and for Lester’s daughter Jane it was the beauty of Ricky’s admiration for life’s beauty, and for Angela it was coming to terms with her superficiality…… "American beauty" is in itself that spark which the movie has been successful in giving an expression to.

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YUVA said...

you give that movie, do you remember it. i had a virus and its all lost da.. keep the copy with you da.. i will get it nect time i come over there..