Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Al Pacino.

                                         To start with, I don’t really know from when I started to appreciate the movies which made sense in other words I don’t really know from when I started to appreciate the pure pleasure that one derives out of a cinematic experience as only celluloid could offer. I had seen many movies belonging to different genre, I have seen many actors at their best but of all there is one actor I don’t mind watching million times over and over again and that actor is none other than Al Pacino. Every now and then I tend to get lucky and I watch a movie which could be termed nothing less than a master piece, I watched one such movie the other day called “Scent of a Woman”, though it’s a pretty old movie I got to watch it all alone only recently, and man Al Pacino was at his best. I had seen him in God Father series and never the less he was stunning but his class act in the movie Scent Of Woman just bowled me over. Al Pacino is a treat to watch no matter what kind of role he does, I equally enjoyed watching him play the bad boy in The Recruit and as the irritated film maker in Simone, but Lt.Col. Frank Slade stands tall above all. 

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