Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A reply to a Kashmiri's anguish -1

Me: If you talk about the oppression by the Indian army, why don't you take the militant attacks into account, thousands of soldiers who lost their lives because of the cowardly acts of the people who claim themselves to be the Awam of Kashmir. What about the young kashmiri boys who are made into terrorists. What has the valley become now nothing less than a death trap for the Indian soldiers who are stationed there.

Dear Kashmir: u deserve it mate u deserve to be blown apart with ur family the way u ugly bastards have let loose terror in our land..kumar we will drag u out of our land one day trust me on tht

Me: I wake up everyday to go for a jog just to see the beautiful morning sunrise and to feel the cool morning breeze caressing my face as I jog. Life seems so beautiful when listening to the chirping of the sparrows waking everybody around announcing the arrival of a new day, its so wonderful to see the faces of smiling kids carrying their schools bags racing to their school’s on their bicycles. Life seems so full to see old people taking their morning walks with their pet dogs in the parks trying their best to keep themselves fit, as if to say me and my pet dog haven’t had enough of this wonderful life.

I see so many faces as I jog, I greet them everyday they too greet me in return, some I know personally some I do not know but we greet each other its so beautiful to see their smiling faces everyday, Every day While I jog back home I stop for a cup of chai in a tea stall which often plays beautiful Tamil melody song’s, listening to the song as i sip in the hot steaming chai put’s me into bliss. This is the color the morning’s bring into my life. I live to enjoy this color and you say that “I deserve to be killed”. Any cause no matter how important it is it can never be bigger than “HUMAN BLOOD”. Thousands of innocent people have died for no fault of their’s, all because of terrorism that started in the Kashmir valley and which has spread its tentacles across the country in various forms.

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