Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A reply to a Kashmiri's anguish -2

Dear Kashmir: listen mate no offence to u but yes wen it comes to kashmir there is nothing like birds chirping,tht cool breeze,people trying to make themselves fit and fine,those smiling faces,nothing called bliss ..

What u embrace the day is cruel booted indian armies polluting the whole air by their terrible abuses,their ruthles approach,their ugly eyes on our daughters and sisters,so much hate in the air and u expect me to be a human being...I dont kno were from u belong but let me tell you very clear is we are going to hold our heads high with dignity,protect our honour,protect our lives by dragging indians out, by sacrificng our lives for a cause which is so noble for a cause that brings smile to our face,for a cause that makes our children feel safer,play safer and enjoy their lifes without trauma and terror that has been inflicted by indians from last 20 years..How can i forget those dys wen as a kid ,all of us used to live a life controlled by terror (inidan army),all our life inflicted with the pain of loosing our dears,all our dreams snatched with tht ugly barrels of guns tht indian forces used to point towards us...how ?if u have any answer to this Mr Prasanaa please feel free to write and I will be morethen obliged...and I will tender an apology of what I have wrote to you..

It always easy to percieve the pain but it is always diffcult to express the pain when u feel it....!!!!!!


Me: Thanks for your reply dude, I live in Chennai. I am 26 years old; I have seen this city grow along with me. I love my city for what it is now and what it will be in future. I don’t really know how it feels like to be a Kashmiri or for that matter I don’t know how a gun shot or a bomb blast would sound like in real but it does not mean that I don’t understand oppression, subjugation or the worth of human blood nor it mean’s that I don’t understand hate or anger, I get very angry every time when I see innocent people getting killed because of the cowardly acts of the terrorists, the Mumbai train blast made me to lose hope on humanity. The recent events of bomb blasts in Delhi, ahemaedabad, Bangalore, jaipur shattered the little hope that I harbored in the corner of my heart that things would change.

What kind of men are these who unashamedly claim that they are fighting for the dignity of their brothers, sisters and children when they are actually killing someone else’s loved ones, someone else’s children, someone else’s mother, someone else’s father, someone else’s best friend and someone else’s lovely sister. I don’t know what makes them think that they can bring about change by blowing up a 10 year old kid into pieces or by blowing up a "hospital" gods own room which is beyond religion, creed, class, or any sort of identity humanity had created for itself. I don’t really understand what good can transpire out of such atrocious ghastly acts.

You say that the entire Indian army is oppressing the Kashmiri awam and India as a whole is hell bent to kill every Kashmiri, and every jawan over there is loitering with lust in his eyes, though i am surprised at your view you are very much entitled to have it. But I am a sane person, I like to analyze things before coming to any conclusion, I would be making nothing but a grave mistake if I come to a conclusion after seeing all these bomb blast’s that every Kashmiri is a terrorist or every Muslim is a terrorist.

"Azadi" yehi Kashmiri awam ki soch he"- I dont really understand this. I would like to know if this is the collective voice of Kashmiri Hindus, Kashmiri Christians, Kashmiri Sikhs, Kashmiri Muslims and people belonging to other religions all together. It doesn’t look like that to me. If it is just the voice of one community then Tamil Nadu or Karnataka or for that matter every other Indian state is no different, Tamils can fight for their own Tamil land, kannadigas can fight for their own kanada land. As I said earlier I don’t know how a gun shot would sound like in real because I am a Tamilian and an Indian, I love calling myself as the son of Tamil land, I love my tradition which adds more value to my country called India. Now you have been living with the sounds of gun shots and bomb blasts for the past 2 decades because you are just a Kashmiri Muslim.

The Kashmir valley has become nothing but a death trap for the Indian army stationed there and what do you expect them to do when every other day one of their men gets blown apart into pieces or shot dead. lets just face the truth, the terrorism has been gripping the valley not because of the Indian army but because of people who have taken oath to stop our country which is on the verge of becoming a super power, Kashmir is just a reason. You say that everything would come to an end if Indian army moved out of Kashmir, well what kind of stability can happen when the kashmir region is crippled by differences of opinion within, I am wondering who will be the actual beneficiaries of azad kashmir, not the people offcourse considering the economic condition of that region. what progress can happen in an region which is land locked without the help of the neighboring states, if the kashmiri Muslims are under the hope that Pakistan would help them then just for a while remember baluchistan, and the internal turmoil Pakistan is facing. You know what happened to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, the government’s which oppressed the people belonging to these countries were removed but still nothing has changed in fact things have worsened in these regions. Kashmir would become another hub for the militants, if our Indian army got subjected to the pressure which could only be termed as a communal disturbance and nothing else. Its with the help of the people within the Kashmir valley terrorism has been surviving, what can the army do when the cowards who claim themselves to be fighter's of a cause are in the garb of civilians.

“ Religion is the boundary within which humanity has suffered for so long and it will continue to suffer if that boundary isn’t dissolved”

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