Monday, June 9, 2008


It’s so intriguing and interesting to know the nuances of movie making; the more enigmatic part of it is to understand the way it weaves an experience into the being of the audience despite it being surreal in nature. It’s the experience that one goes through while watching a movie makes the entire aspect of movie making and movie as a product in particular seem so special. In showering such adulation’s over the talking pictures one is also aware that not all the movies demand that kind of respect, there are some movies which transcend the boundaries of frivolity, but there are other kind of movies which strikes you hard through the stark reality that it depicts and makes you to look at things the way it is. One such movie is “Crash”. This movie is one of my favorites; I watched this movie when it got released in Sathyam cinemas and I must admit that I was awed by its appalling veracity.

The world today is not what it was yesterday, it changes, it changes so fast that even before one comes to term with that change it changes into a whole new thing altogether. The intellectuals the symbols of evolution keep talking about the evolution of man kind, they say that man is not what he was a few thousand years ago, “he has evolved”, yes I too believe that it’s true but somewhere in that process of evolution man started to drift from himself, he has drifted from himself so much that when he realizes it he “crashes” on to himself in his efforts to bridge that gap quickly even if it ends up in a chaos. The world in which we live now is prejudiced, people have there own notions about their lives, the kind of cars they want to drive, the kind of house they want to live in, the kind of pet they would like to pamper, the kind of people they want to live around with. The movie Crash is all about those notions crashing on to each other only to disappear in thin air leaving the human being close to himself.

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Teshu said...

Honest people, it is said, don't need rules. Because they are driven by their integrity :)

Prasanna Kumar said...

Thanks for your comment...... You seem to be an indulgent and a compulsive Blogger, LOLOL… was interesting to read most of your posts…..