Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Africa is a continent burning in the ignominy of a vexatious past and seems to be heading towards a future which looks even more obscure. The once the great land of mysticism and resplendence is now infamously known as ‘The Dark Continent’. Dark continent, I am not sure if it is an expression coined by the first world which openly proclaims their racial intention’s, but nevertheless the rustic, ruthless happenings which has become the norm of the daily life in the African subcontinent shores up as a perfect reason behind this proclamation by the rest of the world. This continent stands as a testimony to the antonyms of peace, tranquility, freedom, progress, prosperity and above all humanity and it has become more synonymous with what humanity promulgates as Darkness.The greed for more and hatred has killed millions of people, in a country called Rwanda 800,000 people got killed because of the conflict between two dominant communities Hutu’s and Tutsi’s, some of the nations in the African continent have been ravaged by civil wars and many still are stuck in a political turmoil, In the Democratic Republic of the Congo alone more then 4 million (40, 00,000) people have died because of war and its effects such as diseases and famine. In an other country called Sudan the conflict between the government supported militia and the non Arab rebels have claimed 200,000 lives and has displaced nearly 2 million people. The civil war which erupted in Angola just after its independence in 1974 lasted for 27 years making it the longest civil war which has left 300,000 people dead. More than 200,000 children are fighting these civil wars in various African nations’ as child soldiers.
Since 1987 the Lord’s resistance army (LRA) in Uganda has wreaked havoc by killing more than 12,000 civilians and displacing 1.4 million people, in a small country called sierra Leone between 1999 to 2002 the RUF rebels (Revolutionary united front) fought against the government to take control over the country and its diamond wealth, thousands of people perished and a million people were left without homes. All these facts indeed annunciates the truth that the African continent is overwrought by the darker side of humanity but who is to be blamed for all these chaos the answer would be time or to be precise it would be the man’s curiosity to explore or to be even more precise the so called first world nations of today. During the period of colonialism the sophisticated European minds came to Africa and introduced one of the darkest aspects of humanity to the Africans, the unjustifiable, unscrupulous need to enslave a fellow human being. For decades the European traders made money and more money by trading African human beings as slaves. A human mind which could go to an extent of considering a fellow human being as a mere commodity is the mind which has plunged into the ultimate darkness, a darkness which is the culmination of all the other abominables like greed, animosity and impiety it is this darkness a remainder of European sophistication which has been plaguing this continent for decades now and has transformed a what could have been a land of opportunities into a land of desperate’s, warlords and dead bodies. - R. Prasanna Kumar

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Raj said...

Very true man, these Europeans have always treated blacks as slaves, and when they leave the nation after complete exploitation. They leave the place in complete chaos letting the people among them to fight for ever. Just like we humans throw the bones to the dogs and let them for the food. They have done it to our own human race. They are now finding different ways of continuing there exploitation in different hypocritical methods. Now they are pretending as they are the good hearts, trying to support LTTE or any other minority community. They would have well estimated the problems of bad governance. They could have very well planned for there actions. They wanted the country to stay rotten for ever and always under them. They did with India, with Malaysia, with srilanka, with afghan, with every single nation they have ruled. They had always wanted us to stay down and it had worked, no nation other than US can challenge UK. We have to accept the crap. But we will have to persist and persist as one, realizing the fact every day every moment to teach them we are one.