Friday, July 13, 2007


We live in a democratic country and we surely are proud of it or for that matter are we really?. Every citizen in this country knows that there is something wrong with this so called democratic country of ours, Many don’t talk about it because it is that dearth which allows them to live more than a sufficient way of life, not to mention that a member of parliament in Uttar Pradesh gifts Bentley’s to his friends and many other's don’t talk about that dearth because they feel that their rights on freedom of expression and speech doesn’t mean any thing to them when it could jeopardize their rights on freedom to live and to live happily ever after. An ordinary Indian gains much respect when he puts on the garb of an voter every five years and the respect that he gets does not become the end to the means but the means to an end which is to make him remain as an ordinary Indian till the dawn of his death. We live in a democratic country were virtuous people like Manjunath and Sathyendera Dubey‘s get killed for being virtuous and for exercising their basic fundamental constitutional rights as the citizen’s of this country, these incidents doesn’t make it to the front page’s of the news paper’s or magazines or as a topic debated by various panelists in show’s organized by news channels but some how the media seems to feel that it is their moral responsibility to scrutinize a eleven member team when ever it loses a game of cricket. our constitution binds us all together and patronizes that all the citizens of this country under the law will be treated equally regard less of religion, caste, creed, color and sex, the differences that money and religion has created in the people’s mind which is perceptible and tenacious enough beyond any words has blinded us all to a fact that the very purpose of our democracy is gasping for its breath.
- Prasanna Kumar

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