Friday, August 31, 2007


I am a very normal citizen of this country headed by representatives whom I believe are not being elected democratically. I don’t know when people of this country will understand that this country is not democratic but it is an “induced democracy” as I call it. “Induced democracy” it might sound strange to many people but that is what we are, Political parties induce the normal citizens to elect them by making promises and the promises can be as interesting as maintaining the price of (in)edible rice at rupees 2 per kg and color televisions to all the poor families and many a times as alluring as a promise could be in a country like ours “ Jobs for every one by 20**”. The political parties come to power because of the interests induced in the people by them and for the interests which is of their own, this could be termed only as a business deal and nothing more and this system which is of induced in nature can only lead to the anarchy which is very much evident now, this is because the government so elected would only function for its own gain and for the other vested interests which helped it to gain power and the 800 odd million citizens of this country have to live on a per capita income of rupees 20 per day as they don’t belong to the category of the vested interests which helped the political parties to induce them in the first place . I am 26 years old now and I have been waking up to this truth everyday for the last 8 years.

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Raj said...

The poor people stay poor due to the lack of understanding of their own rights. They are not mature for democracy. What i feel is these people are only intellegent enough to be under a good king, not mature enogh to choose a chief minister. If they had known the value of their votes, things would have been very different. The very fact of accepting the free TVs when they dont have food for next day clearly shows the innocence of the crowd. These bastards have exploited there innocence. Though the new terms have been coined to indicate the deviations from its correctness. But nobody are ready to get down on the dirty business and clean the mess. What i feel is verybody is aware of whats going on, whats not right, whats the problem. The underlying problem is the fucking comfort zone that everyone is happy with, even me. Every single guy. The imbalance may be part of the system. But its our duty to do the right truthfull job.