Friday, July 13, 2007


As of now We live in a society where probity has no part to play and being square is being impractical. We don’t care about the corrupt, unscrupulous politicians, knavish government officers, bad and dirty roads, we don’t seem to care about the terrorist and fundamentalists who are trying to disintegrate this country for the sake of what they believe in, which might be true for them but killing people for the sake of what they believe in can never be justified nor we seem to have the mind to think about a seven year old kid who works in a local tea shop or in a hotel to earn his food or about the people who spend their lives begging in the traffic signals and temples. There are 200 million people in this so-called great nation of ours who don’t have a place to live.Can we change all these? Can we create a NEW INDIA? The answer is yes… You might ask me how? Well you all know how and that’s what you have been doing all these years; compromising, but now you need to compromise on your perceptions, the perception that you need to be afraid of the government, the perception that you alone cannot change this country, the perception that the entire country is a very big toilet and a dustbin. Of all the perceptions which has been plaguing our minds the one important perception which is the reason behind all these chaos is money is everything. If you can compromise on all these perceptions and never compromise on being true to your self, your true self will emerge out; when this transformation happens with every Indian a NEW INDIA will emerge!!!
- R.Prasanna Kumar

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Raj said...

prassana, people compromising on there perceptions may be possible. But how many time have we questioned police men bribing or harrasing people. We cant do it because the next thing he would do would be push us in to K4 telling that we have been doing new sense. If a common man is able to bear such pains and stand, he can change this india. But what if he is ready to change the whole scenarion of undergoing the pain by 50rs. He will go for the wrong route. We have to work as a powerfull community to create this change. Frequent meets, speeches, confidence booster. Every person should know that if he is in trouble, there is a whole communtiy of people coming down on these buggers. Only such change can be powerfull and can sustain. And the commmunity can be rest only on the shoulders of financialy strong managers. For all parties, the basic purpose behind stealing so much money is to make sure they stay safe, during the opposition rule. Financial support is the bottom line for any movement. A communtiy only can change these stuffs