Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dance of Democracy - What they wont tell you.

               Here is a man who has strived enough to get through school in order to make himself capable enough to get into IIT and then this man here takes up many high paying jobs which allows him to become somewhat settled in his life, at one point he takes a decision to change the affairs this country has been putting up with and starts to raise many questions in the name of ordinary citizens because he understands those problems better than your usual politician does. At first he is one among the many so they don't bother about his questions, then he becomes prominent and raises many more uneasy questions which they just ignore, but when those questions become so uncomfortable for some and realize that many have started to ask the same questions, they retort to those questions by talking about the person who has raised those questions, they say that you cannot ask those questions because you are not an ordinary citizen, you are an anarchist, you change your mind every now and then, you just drop things as they are and don't see it through to the end, you cannot speak for the people you say you are speaking for because you are not one of them as you are now staying in a 85,000 rupees rented apartment, they say you are a liar, you just accuse and don't prove anything. And meanwhile the gullible people that we are miss the whole idea and start to question the person instead of pondering and seeking answers to those questions which has been raised by that person.
                   The recent deluge of accusations that have been hurled against AAP and its leaders are attempt's to push the masses towards that direction, its an attempt to divert peoples attention from the real issues, its an attempt to make people concentrate on the messenger rather than on the message. Because they know that its easier to kill the message by killing the messenger than to kill the message itself. They wont 't tell you how Mr. Kejriwal can afford to pay 85,000 rupees as rent and why he cannot move out of the house right now in the midst of his busy election campaign schedule, They wont 't tell you why they called the toppling of a few metal detectors by the sudden surge in AAP supporters exiting a railway station as " vandalism " while they called the throwing of Chappal's, lattis and chairs against the police by hundreds of BJP workers in a rally as just " Commotion ", They will tell you that when a chief minister of a state indulges in a protest as a last resort in way of finding a solution to the reasons that drove him to protest is just not right and hence its Anarchy, but they wont tell you to look into that part of history where in a few take a controversial political stance knowingly and make a Rath yatra just for the sake of being in the headlines and in the process they create a huge communal divide in this country which would lead to a chain of dreadful events starting with a Mosques demolition, followed by several bomb blasts, and several terrorist attacks, and several communal clashes ending up in the deaths of children men and women in thousands, when one looks into such a history the question really arises in ones mind is protesting based on legitimate reasons to find solution's Anarchy or its creating a political climate which leads to killing of thousands of innocent men women and children. Everyone one who has ever been up against the might of the wrong have all had to face this kind of persecution, every leader who has ever had the chance to put himself or herself to test have all had to face such persecutions, Nelson Mandela did, Mohandas karamchand Gandhi did and so will Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

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