Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dance of Democracy - What should really matter.

              Its a shame that we the people of this country even after having the tendency to blame venal establishments, corrupt politicians, inefficient government machinery, unthoughtful government policies for all the ills this society puts up with day in and day out we have very little understanding of what we  actually are blaming about and what it takes to be successful in Indian politics, more so we have very little understanding of politics itself. Its an undeniable fact that Money is a huge enabler that allows one to gain traction in Indian politics, and where and how one gains that money determines ones " true political agenda ", if only the so called masses whose verdict is seen as a dictum of our collective democratic right arised out of the infallible thorough nature of our powers of observation as it would be in the case of an assumed ideal or hypothetical world, we wouldn't have had the misfortune of coming to terms with our own inabilty to make the right choice's which has allowed criminals, murderers, rapists, decoits, kidnappers fill up our parliament, a recent finding shows that one third of our parliament is filled with men who are of dubious nature with serious criminal charges against them.
               If only people had the brains to work out the cost behind vote seeking advertisements that the political parties have been bombarding the masses with through every medium thats available,  if only they had the brains to workout the cost of BJP or congresses 30 second advertisements during prime time television shows people will be dumbfounded and will be forced to ask themselves how on earth these political parties happen to have so much - So much of money at their disposal considering their 97 percent of cadres are people belonging to the lower social strata, and why on earth these political parties spend such HUGE MONEY in order to make their reach wider leave alone them spending money on Smearing campaigns which ridicule other political parties, People don't have the time or the will to find answer's to such important question's but these very frugal minded nitwits or dimwits or whatever, who after listening to relentless propaganda and lies about AAP being Anarchic, and the B- Team of so and so party have all the time in the world to worry about Mr. Kejriwals 5 Bed room flat, or of him having not vacated his government accommodation just after demiting office, or for that matter the assaults he has been through during his road shows, were they staged or not?, With such important question's occupying our small minds all the time we wonder why on earth we are not able to do something about the 30 crore people in this country who go to sleep empty stomach every night in the hope that they will wake up to a new beginning one day.

Prasanna Kumar 

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