Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dance of Democracy - Seriously Speaking.

             The greatest trick  a proponent of kleptocracy can pull on anyone is to make him or her believe that he is the change, and the masses perennial clamoring for change at times give's Such venal vermin's the chance to cast their spell which appeals only to the naivety of the masses as it is oblivious to the facts that would accompany change, for change can happen only when there are reason’s and those reasons  can hardly be entertained to arise out of the masses understanding of the inconsistencies which they have been putting up with, as it should be the case, but that would become detrimental to the efforts made by the vested interests. So it is made to arise out of the masses naivety which is rooted in their gullible nature which seeks not the ability to inquire but an illusive perception which seeks to perceive the claims or promises that are being made about providing better infrastructure, better schools, better hospitals, price control of essential’s as good as of those promises that have been delivered upon, that’s the kind of effect a venal politician aims to inflict upon the masses when he chooses to position himself as the change with the help of the effort's put in by his entire propaganda machinery to win in an election. Does this seem like a familiar story ?, then it must mean that you don't belong to the pack.
                     Promises of Good roads, schools, hospitals, jobs, industries, farmer welfare schemes, electricity, piped water connection, affordable higher education, reservation for minorities, eradication of malnutrition and child labor, upliftment of the poor, empowering women, eradication of female infanticide are the promises that most political parties did make in the elections conducted way back in 1952, the funny and as well as the sad truth is those promises still remain as promises worth making to win votes even in 2014. Indian rupee has been steadily losing its value against dollar since the day our government decided to devalue it in 1966 owing to external pressures, in contrast the prices of the essential commodities have been steadily increasing leading to a ripple effect resulting in price escalation of every known useable item whether its perishables or durables, the life cycle of the perishables have been going up but still we have thousands of farmers who not being able to meet their debt obligations are committing suicide, on the other hand the life cycle of the durables have been steadily decreasing and yet it seems to have little or no effect over the profits determined by the consumption pattern whose function is predetermined by the need to economize. The fact of the matter is in 2014 there are 330 million people in this country who have no access to any kind of amenity which would make their life comfortable as it was promised to them by the politicians who fought way back in the 1952 elections, This raises many questions about the sensibility of the Indian voter leaving aside the conniving spirit of our political honchos which has always tried to capitalize on that sensibility, looks like the Indian voter is content with the promises that are being made to him every 5 years.
                               It is quite disturbing to see how naive most of the citizen's in this country are if one were to take the Exit poll's seriously, the poor beings that we already are don't even have the middlebrows capability to have a composite understanding of what it mean's when 30,000 crore rupees gets spent in the name of elections by those who are fighting the elections, we gullible beings expect all those people who have invested such huge money to do good to us just because we went to the polling booths in droves to cast our votes, if only we had the understanding of what and how a change would look and feel like we wouldn't have got swayed by the most elaborate marketing exercise in the recent times which through every instance aimed at positioning Mr. Modi as the change, If we really want to know how change would look like we have an example right next to us in the form of China, in china since the day Mr. Xi Jinping who is 60 years old now took over as its president 2 years ago has been going after corrupt low level government officials and top members of his Party's Central Politburo Standing Committee, in the last one year alone around 54 top Chinese government officials have committed suicide or drank themselves to death, the recent one being Zhou Yongkan one of the most powerful man in china he has gone missing, his illegal assets worth 15 Billion $ have been frozen by the Chinese government, and now here in this country people like you and me, people who are gullible and who have very little understanding of democracy have persisted long enough under the influence of multi crore " Modi Advertisements" with the notion that this nation's decisions be left in the hands of men like Mr. Modi who even before assuming power had asked corrupt venal vermin's like Mr. Yedurappa and SriRamalu who have looted this country's natural resources left right and center to help him win the elections in the state of Karnataka, is it any wonder, saddled as we are with our present parliamentary system, that we are unable to find any solution to our many difficulties? and we are still left with 330 million people who live in unimaginable conditions, Why, placing this tedious democratic exercise aside we may as well ask a committee of robbers, dacoits & murderers union to run the affairs in this country.

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