Friday, August 16, 2013

Only the way it alone knows how to know

A severed milieu
that I am not used to in lieu of
what I used to presume
about things
the way I only could presume
is exacting, intriguing
and yet
so inconsequential
why would it have to be that anything and everything
should have a certain connotation and texture
as insinuated by the minds
of gone forever in due measure 
a thing that can leap time and space
and pass through the vortex
where even the light would falter
is binded by the extremities of definitions
as illustrated by the minds of gone forever 
arguing that its for its own sake
in fact just incase
which sounds so stupid and meaningless
even then they say
just in case
how verve the color's may be
they fade through eventually
even the add on textures
do lose their verdure
and yet the ways of minds of gone forever
have sustained and they still endure
sensing a meaningless
parody in all this
I remembered the fortitude
of the words that I had read long time ago
which had it in them
the ardor my heart alone could know
only the way it alone knows how to know ...

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