Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My views on the movie Ship of Theseus

                    I watched the movie Ship of Theseus just now here in Chennai at PVR cinemas, First thing first I enjoyed the interactions of all the characters with their own perceptions of morality, whether it be a photographer not wanting to claim credit for what she thinks is not entirely her creation or the dilemma the Jain monk faces as to whether his principles do mean anything at all when he puts it to a test or it be the business man wanting to do a right thing at all cost, every interaction left me with a certain yearning for more, I don't know why? may be because the movie at some point started to become an extension of my recent quest to find an answer to a question which I dint realize existed in my mind until I saw the movie dogville recently, its quite a movie of a different kind left me wondering whether morality make's one weak or arrogant, not strong but arrogant. I read a few reviews before watching Ship of Theseus which were all unanimous in their praise for the story about the Jain monk, a part played brilliantly by Mr. Neeraj Kabi , but I dint feel the punch the reviews were talking about which I am sure is because I am used to such ideas or concepts or the truth's or whatever one wants to call them, that a human being is not a single organism but a collection of millions or billions of microorganisms, but yes I can imagine how someone would feel when he or she confronts such a view for the very first time, I am sure it would make his or her mind restless churning the dogma out that had set in.

                    I have been pondering on the nature of duality myself for sometime now and the reasons behind the very existence of everything around us mostly from a skeptic point of view rather than as someone wanting to find a greater meaning to life. I came across a certain view sometime back, have you ever wondered about our experiences of the present never being of the present but only of the past, the experiences we experience through our senses whether it be through seeing or hearing or feeling happens the way they happen because of the perfect Interlinking of our sensory organs with our brain by the electrical signals which pass through our nervous system, when one sees an object the photons reflected from the object falls on ones retina which then gets converted into an electrical signal which then is transmitted to the brain through the nervous system, which the brain processes and then one realizes that one is seeing something, but for anything to transfer from one place to another it takes time, so when you see an object the photons that hits your eyes has to get converted to an electrical signal which then needs to reach the brain so when you actually feel that you are seeing the object you are not exactly seeing the object belonging to that moment but of the previous moment ....Well coming back to the movie, Ship of Theseus is one of those movies which cannot be subjected to the ritual of movie reviewing, aiming to gauge the movies entertainment value seems so trivial even before any effort could be made, right from the start to the end the poignancy with which the movie flows leaves you wondering whether you would want to watch this movie all over again and the answer seems to be a poignant yes coming from deep inside .....

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