Monday, December 3, 2007


Rules, Rules and more rules that’s what dictate’s this entire planet or for that matter this entire universe”, I am not sure if it is true or if it was an expedient strategy used by our antecedents to make things comprehensible and easier for them and to come to terms with the incomprehensible.
But I believe that the human beings at some point of time imbibed an aspect which they thought was the way the nature executed things and they had their own reasons to believe so, but as of now that very aspect that they seem to have imbibed from nature has grown into a proportion beyond boundaries and has taken life of its own to confute its very essence or purpose and that’s what we now know as “decree”. Every society which claims itself as a civilized society has its own set of visible rules to govern itself through a functioning body called as a government.
The government so formed, many times functions in a way subjugating its very purpose of creation because the rules which it depends on to become a functional body is governed by the invisible rules of the society and those invisible rules of the society are more powerful than the visible rules and it stays invisible and powerful because of the very nature of the visible rules to stay visible.
It might quite seem like this small write up is intended towards advocating against the concept called rules and might look like an honest effort to project the views of a mind bound by pessimisms. My intentions are not to conclude that the rules as a whole has led us to the chaos that we are in now but it’s a mere effort to point that many rules that we follow has its own flaws and those flaws are invisible which gives rise to the invisible rules any rule which is flawed is not worth to be followed or is not worth to be called as a rule..
Rules which are more inclined towards being mechanical can only excruciate some aspects of human mind which would incline more towards the invisible decree which can only lead to more problems than bringing order within a society. The world in which we live today the rules have the power to kill people, corrupt a society and demean the future of an entire country.

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Raj said...

We need a 'V'. The perfect system can come out only when there is problem at the comfort zone level. At the base level. At the security level. Pages can bring tears but not actions. We need to drive this community. The saturation will soon be reached, its started with you, it will bloom, it will pain everybodys mind, it will irritate, it will blow. It will create a perfect systems. For a good man should rise and will raise. After all the very purpose is to learn a lesson. Sooner or later this will happen. We need to be powerfull to drive those chains. And you have taken the communities first step towards that sweet tranquility. And we shall follow you. We need to guide this race in to a better world, with what ever we feel is right.