Monday, November 21, 2011

A Short Story

Lately I have been reading more of Haruki Murakamis works and its been amazing for many reasons, I think there are many aspects to the way one sees the world, most of the time we are not even aware of those aspects which makes us to see the world the way we see it and Murakami just makes you aware of those aspects.


It doesn't matter; it just doesn't matter because I don’t exist anymore. I don't exist even when I have a story that I have to say to you the reader, I just don't exist, I just have fleeting memories of the images of my existence, a red kite, a pair of blue shoes, violin music. It sounds strange isn't it for you the reader to hear about something from some one who doesn't exist, it sounds strange even to myself but strange as it may sound it is real, and it is real as strange. Some times when strange happens people try their best to make it look normal when they cant they ignore it. Well here in this case you the reader don't have any other choice but to listen to me, I will try to make it look as normal as I can so you don’t feel strange and uncomfortable, so before I continue let me make myself clear once again to you the reader, I don’t exist.
A tiny little hand is holding on to the string of a red kite flying high up in the air against the clear blue sky, its sunny but nice thought the "little one", the red kite has a very long tail and it sways, it sways as if it is really happy to be up in the clear blue sky. The tiny little asks, daddy why does the kites tail sway, its because of the wind honey, said the daddy. But the tiny little knew daddy was wrong because the kite never swayed his tail when he hanged on the wall in her tiny little room, and the tiny little remembers daddy once saying that "wind is all around us honey, its everywhere". The tiny little knew daddy was just wrong, the red kite was just happy to be up in the clear blue sky and that’s why he swayed his tail. It was nice to see the red kite happy up in the clear blue sky swaying his tail.
A small pair of black leather shoes stomp on the green grass heading towards they dint know where. The small black leather shoes were getting wet and darker as they waded through the twinkling dewy blades of green grass, after some stomping and hoping they were in front of a Small pair of blue shoes. The pair of blue shoes looked sad, the pair of black leather shoes dint know why the blue shoes were sad, the black leather shoes thought the blue shoes were sad may be because they were wornout or they were getting wet or may be because they were in front of the new black leather shoes or just because their color was blue, they just dint know why the blue shoes were sad, then the black leather shoes and the blue shoes started to walk together heading towards they dint know where. They stopped in front of a small puddle, the blue shoes jumped right into the browny water, the browny water splashed on the black shoes making them look half brown, the blue shoes hopped back again to the green grass and back again into the puddle, the black shoes could see the pair of blue shoes dint look sad anymore they were happy to get wet, they were happy to get dirty, they were happy to turn into another color, the blue pair of shoes weren't blue anymore. The black shoes hesitated a bit but they also jumped into the puddle and let their color change, and the black leather shoes and the blue shoes they were happy together in the puddle. The blue shoes weren’t blue anymore, the black shoes weren’t black anymore but they were happy.
It was raining outside the car, sitting in the back of the car the little one was looking outside through the window listening to the violin music daddy had put on the player, the rain drops came down heavily against the window and it sounded like violin music, the rain drops seemed happy to sound like violin music thought the little one, the car window also seemed too happy thought the little one may because it also liked the rain sounding like violin music, as the violin music was melting the rain drops into what the car window seemed to be enjoying the little one's eyes were glued upon it, just then the little one heard the thunder and the sound of tyres screeching, the sound of the rain sounded like rain again, the little one heard the not happy sound of the shattering glasses and the not happy loud noise of metal's clanking and screeching as the car rolled over, the little one dint know what had just happened as she was up side down looking at her daddys face covered in blood, the little one heard the rain sounding like rain again, the rain sounded like it was happy to sound like rain again thought the little one, and then the rain stopped sounding like rain as it became dark all over again ...
get up honey, its 7:30 in the morning. You will be late to school. There was no sound, just the hush... no sound, it was all dark the rain sound had stopped.
Honey get up you are 6 years old now, you cannot have mommy waking you up every morning, dint mommy tell you to use the alarm clock last night. The sound of rain had stopped, the sound of rain had stopped, hush. I don’t exist.
Open your eyes honey. Today you have to brush your teeth yourself; mommy is not going to help you.
Mommy can i sleep a little bit more,
no honey, not if you want to have your favorite chocolate pie mommy has made for your break fast.
Chocolate pie!! That sounds nice mommy! i will be there in a minute.
Honey, you have to get dressed after you brush your teeth and wash yourself up , you have to wear your new black leather shoes before you can have the chocolate pie.
Ok mommy,  i will be there in a few minutes,
now that’s my cute little one..
Mommy can i have a kite,
A kite? Why honey? i thought you dint like them.
no mommy, i like kites, i want a red colored kite..
Ok honey i will get one today, you and daddy can play with it when you come home for lunch in the afternoon.
Ok mommy,
and honey daddy will pick you up from school this evening, mommy has to go the mall is that Ok.
yeah I guess its Ok mommy,
oh my sweet little nice pie, now go get yourself ready, hmm ah Honey what colored kite did you say?
Red colored kite, mommy...

- I dedicate it to Haruki Murakami even though I don't exist.

............Well the"I" here is the narrator of this story not me.....................

Prasanna Kumar 


YUVA said...

too good machi.. has Raju read it.. he should be able to comment differently..

YUVA said...

"Well the"I" here is the narrator of this story not me" thats a nice touch for a short story..