Monday, August 29, 2011

Aug 28th 2011

What a Day it has been, Aug 28th 2011 a day that will be etched in the history forever for what it has turned out to be, a day that signifies the victory to the masses beyond any question, a day when the idea of Gandhi came alive again, a day that we can really feel proud of for it did happen in front of our eyes.
There have been many things that have been taught to us in our schools about this country to which we all belong, and things about which we should feel proud about. We the millennials belong to that part of the time where we have been asked to feel proud about things and People we haven't seen, like the "independence movement", like " Mahatma Gandhi" & "Bhagat singh".
Things that happened in the last few days may not be the exact delineation of 1947 freedom struggle but it carried the exact spirit which gave way for a Gandhi to emerge, which brought out a Bhagat singh. You should really feel proud that such a huge Non Violent protest in the history of mankind has happened in this very land you were born which hold's the virtue "Ahimsa" very high.
The millions who congregated in many cities and towns around the country in this fight against corruption are the people who Really make this country called "India". You can now really say "I am Proud to be an Indian I belong to the land of Anna Hazare".

Prasanna Kumar 

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