Friday, August 14, 2009

Fourth E$tate

It’s the black monkey man on the rampage, Professor abused by his wife for cheating on her, boy throws acid on the girl who dint heed his love pleas, Big B slams slum dog millionaire, Sharukh khans new avatar and his new found six packs, Sun networks sister concern sun pictures new production “The movie” is a super hit screams the headlines and this is the kind of frivolous news we have to put up with as far as the Indian media is concerned, such is the quality of the news that the media believes deserves attention, its these kind of junks which fill the news papers and the hundreds of TV channels that gets aired, how pathetic it can get than the complete news coverage with video footage of a wife making it clear to her husband who happens to be a professor that he was wrong to have cheated on her by blackening his face with the home made ash.

whether it be the indifference shown towards the sensibilities of a child like Rubina (the slum dog millionaire kid) when they screamed out loud that she was for sale or it be the apathy towards a former model turned destitute whose life’s happenings were flashed across the screens and the video clips of her roaming around the streets helpless in ragged cloths the fourth estate which is still believed to be one of the pillars which upholds the sanctitude, solemnity, sublimity of a democratic state seems to have wavered a lot from what it supposed to be or what it supposed to stand for. Times have changed and so are the amenities through which information reaches people, with so many newspapers and news Channels around it feels true about what is being said about Indians -“ Indians consume news more than anything else”, it remains as a hazy wind till the acumen of fourth estate takes note of it and things just gets transformed to such proportions that it becomes quite inconvenient for the civil society to function the way it has to as if a storm has disrupted its day today activity.

on an average 250000 to 300000 people die every day on this planet due to many reasons, but during the past month’s the way the fourth estate in all its diligent exuberance has gone about publicizing swine flu it now feels like death has one name and one name only and its no surprise surprise, before it was dengue then it was chickengunya and now its swine flu. Yes its swine flu and its everywhere at least on all the news channels.

Scaring people is whole lot a different thing than to inform them or educate them, and by the way who needs education through a medium which has been designated to provide entertainment, we love to get scared by seeing the things that’s shown on the TV, we love to shed tears to the soaps that gets aired on the TV, we love to throw ourselves out of the couch while watching a game of cricket on the idiot box, we love to make decisions on the things that is shown for people to decide on the TV, but education nay that’s not what we expect from the tube, show us a man beheaded by a bunch of hooligans , show us bomb blasts, gunfire’s, show us that the world is not safe, show us that the world would change so much that things would get to us one day and the only way we would ever get to know about it is through the ever vigilant "Le observateur" fourth estate in english.

When profit is masqueraded as news outfits conscience has to take the back seat, things that needs to be questioned goes unquestioned, people who are answerable never get oppugned, things that need to be known, things that need to be debated upon, things that need to be spoken out louder gets silenced by the noise made by the fourth estates fervor for commerce.

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