Saturday, August 29, 2009


A believed notion is never questioned; it becomes a grave mistake an unpardonable act of arrogance when one does that, what makes those inquisitive minds to do such a thing as to question those notions, what makes them to enquire about those beliefs, what makes them to examine those credence’s even when an entire civilization has flourished upon it? What makes them to question the faith of millions? Faith!!!! Is that what the band of inquisitive minds feel uncomfortable about, or is it because the inquisitive minds prowl on the terrains of certainty and certainty not being the virtue of faith or is it just the reasons behind those faiths which seem even more delusory which gave way to the evolution of those faiths, or is it the inquisitive minds need to question everything, or is it the desiderata of those minds to belong to that ilk of excogitators, to be a breed apart?, one gets confronted with such thoughts when one encounters such characters whose self styled dictum is to question things which are accepted in all self righteousness to be beyond the purview of inquiry.

on the other hand it’s the people whose life’s dwell on those faiths and their hostile grudge towards those who question their beliefs, what makes them to show such belligerence when their belief or faith is belittled as credulity by the inquisitorial minds, at times one gets struck by the appalling verisimilitude in those arguments made by those who question the reason’s behind those faiths, Man reacts to the way his sentience perceives his environment and his cognizance allows him to make choices in his life, what harm it would do if some one chooses to question what is understood or accepted as customary or conventional, what harm it would do if one chooses to allow his probity to help his life take its own course even if it means to lead an unconventional life in the eyes of the people who think that everything about them is conventional. Man “thinks”, and he thinks that he believes in something, he calls it as his faith, Man “thinks” and he thinks that he doesn’t believe in something, and he calls it as his understanding or he thinks that it his understanding. I “think” and I think that man is recreant and covetous his faith is just his flinch to the trepidation that he has inside him because of the nature of life, its ever changing and its uncertain.

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