Thursday, July 16, 2009


If pain is what everyone wants to get rid oneself off then why do they do it with pain? Pain makes one uncomfortable, disoriented, at times leaves one destroyed. There is pain all around; if life was to be presented as one big play, many would argue that it would be very easy to conclude it with an epilogue that human existence is pain-ridden. Life as they say is a marathon where one has to sweat it out, it’s a marathon where one gets consumed; it’s a marathon which one endeavors to make oneself worthy enough or is it really?, A child stretching out his hands to seek alms what worth could it be of to anybody, people blown into pieces by the bombs planted by fellow human beings what worth it could be of to anybody, a homeless destitute lying dead on the streets what worth it could be of to anybody, one tries to subdue the pain with more pain, why do they do so, what makes them to inflict more pain to get rid off the pain that they are in now…..

About the Painting: It’s a painting that I feel is all about human pain. What I see in the picture is pain. The artist Jay the one who painted the above picture happens to be a friend of mine, he is an artist of immense talent, his artistic acumen gives him the ability to transfer the human emotions on to the canvas with such ease that it would leave one spell bound.

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