Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Human Mind

Many a times I have sat in contemplation about the human mind, the way it is able to slip into the pensive state and bounce back to attending to mundane things or extraordinary affairs is something sure to be intrigued about. The brain as a faculty aids each one of us to assume a unique mind and an unique identity of ones own, and this aspect of the mind has kept millions of curious minds over the generations awake, making those minds to reflect over things in a unique way, ponder about things in a unique way, muse about things in a unique way. Myriad's of research, studies have been conducted to understand that aspect of human mind which consecrates every single human being with an uniqueness that we all know and understand as. The minds ability to cogitate, its ability to analyze, its ability to draw conclusions out of those analysis has been a mystery ever since human beings started to ruminate over it. Even after 10 centuries of research and findings about the brain and its functions, even after documenting thousands of findings about it for the benefit of posterity, “Human Brain and Human mind” still remains as mysterious as it has always been.

Each mind has its own limits, limits with respect to what it considers to be moral, normal and possible, determined predominantly by the compulsions of ones family and society. That being the case, in the stillness, in the pristine state of mind one might have no difficulty in accepting that volition is a solid state of reality, but there can be times when that very notion that one carries in the mind can be put to questioning. One might be deprived of the strength to stick to such an idea forever, making one to succumb to a diametrical idea that volition is just an illusion. How is that? What seemed to be true at one moment seems so unreal in an seemingly unfathomable way during another moment. For example : what seemed “the” most important thing for me when I was at school seems utterly unimportant now, what was real then now seems just like an unwanted aberration which has nothing to do with the way I am now. Some might argue that we change; we change because our priorities change and change is what which is eternal. If that be the case, knowing the fact that our priorities change over a period of time, why do we hold on to each and every priority as if it were a matter of utmost importance so much so that our entire life depended on it.

The mind loses its ability to be astute or sharp when it is made open to such thoughts or beliefs, I cannot bat for the other’s but for me at least it has always been true, I have always wondered why it happens to me every time. At times after enough of contemplation things become very hazy making me to abstain from such thoughts, during one such moment I was struck by a very subtle thought which made me aware that life can never be as complicated as I wish it to be. Life is just plain and simple, all one has to do is take life as it presents itself. But there have been many other instances which made me to think otherwise, but as for now lets just leave it that way, “life is just simple”.

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