Saturday, February 22, 2014

In this country everything happens in the name of the poor

          Lot has been undone during these decades of total disregard shown by many elected representatives to the edifice that stands as a symbol of our democracy, Parliament and state assemblies which were once revered as the sanctum sanctorum of the ideals that gave strength to our democracy is now being just seen as a place tainted by the vile spewed by the unworthy uncouth abominable's who lack sincerity and respect to the office they have been voted into by the people of this country. Often state assemblies have been turned into venues for Chappal throwing matches and shouting matches even while there are millions out there who go to sleep hungry everyday with the hope that someone in the government will change things for them tomorrow, and one got to see the very same scenes in the parliament today, how did it all come down to this ?, How ?, Sometime back I read an article about India having half of worlds modern slaves, 67 years !, even after 67 years. This is the most shameful thing that can ever happen to this country, it either means Indians don't have a clue as to what they need to do to make their lives as well as others around them better or its just that they are some grungy creatures capable of exuding only one human emotion which is that of "selfishness". Such a shame, every politician who is as old as someone like Lalu Prasad Yadav who when they started their political careers made certain promises to the people of this country to win their trust and these very people even after being in politics for more than 40 years are making the same promises even today to win votes, these are the venal vermin's this country has to do away with. 
                        Democracy would become meaningless when a mob is allowed to have its way whether its inside the parliament or outside it and one got to see pretty much the same happening today- democracy becoming meaningless, its a shame that we call ourselves a democracy, its a shame that this is the State in which our country is even after 67 years of independence, shame on all the political parties who keep aiding such unruly elements who hold democracy to ransom with impunity even inside the parliament, Shame on all the political parties who have ruled this country and have still left the conditions in this country to degrade according to the will of the people who are acting against the interest of this entire nation, this nasty habit of politicians to use region and religion to further their interests has been causing havoc in the lives of ordinary people, In the recent past there has been a huge exodus of people from North into other Indian states which the Indian government has failed to take notice of, its really sad that people have to leave their home state to be able to survive, this is not the kind of right to dignity our constitution promised to each and every citizen of this country. All is being done to create a new state in the name of the downtrodden, downtrodden ! one finds it illuding that in this country everything happens in the name of the poor but still its the poor who suffer the most, Its the poor who get recruited as terrorists and its the poor who get blown up by them, its the poor who are easy targets for marketers of religion and its the poor who die in any communal violence, its the poor who sweat it out in the watch towers in the border making sure that we all remain safe and its the poor who die in the open during heavy rains, during extreme winter, during extreme summer, its the poor children who get wooed to the schools by the promises made to them about a good meal and its the poor children who die in hoards once the election objectives have been achieved, everything in this country happens in the name of the poor, political parties win elections in the name of the poor, billions get siphoned in the name of poor and even after these many years if this is the condition this country is in one can only feel ashamed of the Apathy that brews all around.
                                So this system which penalizes people who are asking for a more honest deliverance of rights to which they are entitled to like better standard of living, better education, better hospitals, probity in the functioning of the government and provides incentive's to be corrupt has to go. This change will happen and no one can stop it from happening in a country whose median age is 27. If a few lakh ardent nationalists could make the British empire to squirm and make them leave India, its obvious what crores of young Minds who are constantly in touch with each other who don't want their politician to be some rabble rouser who knows only to throw chappal's in the assembly, or someone who only knows to swindle a 1000 crore every time he gets a chance. Politicians in India should realize that people in this country have recognized what they deserve, they know that they deserve much better than what they are being asked to subject themselves to. So Lalus and Rajas and Yadavs of this country pack your bags and be ready to face the wrath of this young nation which wont settle for anything less than what it deserves and it knows what it deserves and will get it no matter what. Its time for the common man to take up the mantle.

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