Monday, November 19, 2012

Truth alone will get you Jailed

                       Two girls were arrested for exercising their freedom of speech and a hospital was ransacked by a bunch of SS (Shiv sainik) goons, this only shows the amount of effort that is being put into making an idol out of a man who was nothing more than a simple politician with tricks, arresting those girls for voicing their opinion is such a ridiculous act which only demonizes the politicians involved in this whole episode of trying to shut peoples voices by force, at this juncture one would definitely would like to know what the authorities have done about the SS thugs who ransacked the hospital just to make sure that we are not in fact a banana republic. This country has to do away with such political rowdyism or should i say "thackerayism" which only undermines our democracy, and by the way the world out there is changing and its changing ever faster like never before, economic growth seems to have become the most important gauging factor of a governments performance in the eyes of the "YOUNG INDIANS", and in such a world there is no place for "Thackerayism".
                      One cannot deny that with freedom of speech comes great responsibility so does accountability in a democracy, if the factors of accountability were to be applied to the deeds of shiv sena's party men this party should have been banned from contesting in the elections long time ago, but sadly we Indians suffer from a very demeaning attitude, an attitude that has not allowed us to mature into a sophisticated society even after 60 odd years of independence, When being on this side of the line helps us we don't question the ways and actions of the people who drew and defined that line for us, and that's so sickening and that's why people like dawood ibrahim came into existence, and 26/11 is still so fresh in our minds and we hear news about scams every other day. 
                      So now whoever one is and whatever one might call oneself as one only is a hate monger in other words "a terrorist" who goes out there and beats people just because they are not from his state or country, When the government grants what the hindu citizens demand its called granting their rights, When the same government does things that grants the wishes of minorities it becomes "appeasement", well i don't deny that politicians use the powers vested in them as tool's to bring them more votes, one might have to question the ideologies of such politicians rather than being blunt in the way expressing ones dissent over a certain issue which seems like one has animosity towards minorities, Mr. Thackreys politics to be frank and fair was nothing but his version of the same tune that Dravida Kazhagam in Tamil nadu played when it raised slogans against the imposition of Hindi which worked so well in the late 60's and 70's, so lets just stop painting this man in colors that he doesn't deserve and lets just call a spade a spade, "He was a simple politician we Indians could have done better without", 'I wish him a good rest, may his soul rest in peace .... Let the idea of Hindu fundamentalism vain from here on or any religious fundamentalism for that matter, lets hope for a better future where religion, creed and statehood will be damned in front of our common national identity             
                                                                     - An Indian

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