Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dance of Democracy ...

Democracy always doesn't guarantee good and its a known fact that it has its own limitations, we Indians especially the millennials know that better for having lived in a democratic country since we were born, things can get worse, at times so confusing when there are too many voices. For a democracy to function effectively the "MAJORITY HAS TO CARE" but what i am seeing around seems to be on the contrary. It all started when Nehru with all his high imaginations about how a sturdy democratic country should be, made it a point that every one who is above a certain age should have the right to choose his government, age was the only criteria and that's a joke Nehru played on us. If Nehru had made it mandatory for people to have some educational qualification to elect their government, i am sure that each and every party which had been in power would have made sure that every Indian was educated in order to increase their prospects in the next election, well in other words they would have tried to increase their vote bank by bringing in policies which would have enabled the formation of a literate society. Now we have people who elect their governments because they are being given Free TV's, Biriyani ,MC's, Old Monk and Mansion houses. ... What struck me about the Egypt revolution is that the peoples cry for their rights, ordinary people having nothing but stones in their hands were against the mighty army and the arrogance of hosini mubarak in the hope that Democracy would pave the way for a better future. good luck to them and i think they would succeed because the "MAJORITY IN EGYPT CARE" and with every oridanry citizen who went out there on to the streets around Tahir squar to clean it once Hosini Mubarak decided to call it quits there is always a hope that Democracy will do wonders for the Egyptians.
Now coming back to the sorry state of affairs in the largest democracy in the world, Lately I am so intrigued and I just don't get any of whats happening around 2G scam and the corrupt DMK patriarch Karunanidhi and his aide Raja. This government is just trying to make fun of the sensibilities of the ordinary citizen who still believes that justice will prevail no matter what. !!!!
All in the name of "aam aadmi" and "udanpirapugal meaning Kith and kin in Tamil" thats what his highness the DMK patriarch M. Karunanidhi calls his fellow party cadres. This karunanidhi is one of a kind Politician of this land, He seems to have understood the pulse of the people of the state Tamil Nadu, freebies make them blind to all the anomalies that happen under his governance, so what better way than actually to give them something that would engage their eyes- Free Tv's and that would keep them occupied and wont allow them to bother if its CWG or 2G or 3G scam or whatever or even if it has to do with the death of Raja right under the nose of CBI who is now enjoying his home made food in Tihar jail, Now coming to the opposition parties, BJP and the Left Party now in all their Right sensibilities are saying "C" in congress stands for "corruption"- what a joke, where were these Left and BJP jokers till wiki leaks came into the picture, where were these bloody jokers when everyone knew that M.K Alagiri gave away Rs 5000 for each vote in the elections held during 2009, where were these jokers when DMK openly rigged the local elections during 2009 with the help of rouges and corrupt police officials. I just wonder what more these corrupt scou*dre** are capable of , is there an end to the levels they can stoop to. and about the ongoing Investigation's by CBI on the Myriads of scams that have taken place Recently , whats the need for any questioning when everything is evident in the form of Sun Network, ownership of spice jet, and many movie production house's floated by karunanidhis "kith and kin", well here in this case the "kith and kin" actually means what it should. People who vowed their lives for social cause and to the service of aam aadmi have turned into Investors, Media conglomerate’s, Industrialist’s. This is India, corruption has been happening since the time of independence in the name of Aam admi !!! DMK is corrupt and it dosent need any endorsement of a toothless government law enforcement agency like CBI. I just don’t know when that aam aadmi- (Ordinary citizen of this country) will lose his patience its been 60 + years already ...God save this country. --

Prasanna Kumar 

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